Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Answer to a Question


Lykia, thank you so much for your question. In regards to neck pain, yes, I have had and continue to have neck pain. I've been told this is the result of the clenching position my jaw tends to naturally land in. I attempt to not do so but for some reason it "rests" like that. Very frustrating.

Anyway, this puts pressure on my neck which causes soreness and the vertebrae to go out of whack. I see a chiropractor for this and it tends to help. My oral surgeon also made a splint for my jaw that I wear day and night. This splint keeps the jaw joint from fully resting and creates a 3mm gap. My neck and jaw pain has improved from this.

I did not experience your other symptoms of facial drooping and the like. After surgery I had some facial paralysis for some time, but this was the result of swelling and improved with time. I do still have a tingling sensation throughout the left side of my face.

My advice would be to find an oral surgeon (DMD, not DDS) who specializes in TMJD; make sure they have plenty of experience in the treatment of this condition including surgery. You may also want to consult a neurologist to see if your symptoms could be related to that.

Also, for everyone, I posted the wrong email. If you want to email me, you are welcome to do so at: I don't know why I put "yahoo"!